Westie Puppies

Lacey had her puppies--four girls and one boy.  I am currently contacting my waiting list.  Thank you.
​   Pictured above is Bridget.  She is one of Faith's two females which were born on October 13, 2014.  This picture was taken on November 15th, and I plan to post a video in a week.  
    Bridget is sooooooo pretty, and I am having sooooooooo much fun with her.  All of the puppies are becoming more and more fun and more and more playful.  Bridget is funny because she will growl like a little beast, and then, she will smother me with kisses.  She is so ornery, but she is also very sweet.  She's such a mess!!!  Hopefully, within a week or two, I can learn how to take a video and post it on Facebook.  That would be fun!!!

Upcoming Litters

    I will be having three more litters over the next few weeks.  I will be quite busy, but I will have an absolute blast!!!!!  If you are interested in being placed on my waiting list, please let me know.  Thank you, and good luck in your puppy search!!! 
    Also, please be sure to look at my "Westie Males" and "Westie Females" pages.  There, you will find pictures and information on my adult Westies.  Whether you adopt your puppy from me or not, please be sure to see pictures of the parents and ask about their temperaments.  All puppies are cute, but they will grow up to look and even act like their parents.  
    Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  Thank you.
Current Litter

********Update, Lacey had her puppies on Wednesday March 18, 2015.  She had five puppies:  four females and one male.  Her first puppy, Bella, was born at 3:15 P.M., and her last puppy, Bentley, was born at 6:45 P.M.  This was Lacey's first litter, and she literally sat on my lap wanting me to pet her until Bella arrived.  After Bella was born, Lacey wasn't quite sure what to think of her.  She tilted her head back and forth as she listened intently to her squeals and cries.  However, within about thirty minutes, Lacey curled up around Bella and started nursing her.  It was absolutely precious!!  Meanwhile, Micko, the daddy, actually fell asleep, and he even started snoring quite loudly.  I do not know if Lacey appreciated that, but it sure made me laugh!!

​   Pictured above is Bailey, and she is Faith's other female puppy which was born on October 13, 2014.  Her picture was taken on November 15th, and I will post a video in one week.  
    Bailey is the most submissive and sweet in the whole litter.  She actually prefers to kiss and pat momma instead of wrestling with the other puppies.  I expect her to be a very sweet, gentle adult who likes to cuddle.  She also loves tummy rubs and being petted.  She favors mom a lot!!!  She is also very pretty, and she's the smallest puppy in the litter right now.  What a sweetie!!! 

Buster (AKA Bentley) is now in his forever home.  Thank you.
​   Pictured above is Bentley.  He is one of Faith's two males which were born on October 13, 2014.  This picture was taken on November 15th.  I will post a video in one week.  Enjoy!!!  
    Bentley is a kisser, and he is also a sweetheart.  However, he is a bit ornery, too.  I love that though!!!!  Westies are such precious, sweet, loving, little stinkers.  It's impossible to describe their full charm.  They are something you must experience, and oh, what an experience they are!!  Bolt is very outgoing, playful, happy, and smart.  He it typically the first or second puppy to greet me each and every time.  He's a sweetie and stinker all rolled up into one. 

​   Pictured above is Bolt, and he is Faith's other male puppy which was born on October 13, 2014.  His picture was taken on November 15th.  This will be the last set of pictures which I post.  In one week, I will post a video instead of a picture because they start getting too playful for still shots.  
    Bentley is such a sweet, sweet boy.  Right now, he appears to be on the calmer side, and he is also very smart, loving, playful, and happy.  I think that he is wonderful, and he is truly a beautiful boy!!!  I can't wait to see pictures of him as an adult!!!!  

Rosie is now in her forever home.  Thank you.
Bailey is now in her forever home.  Thank you.
Hamish (AKA Bolt) is now in his forever home.  Thank you.
Below (as a sample) is my last litter
(They are now in their forever homes.  Thank you.)
    Pictured above are Lacey's four puppies: Bella, Blessing, Bliss, Joy, and Bentley.  If you notice the tail of the puppy in the back on the far right, you will notice that he has a black mark on his tail. At birth, I mark my puppies with different colored sharpies so I can remember their birth order and keep up with their growth.
    I always mark the first female and the first male with a black sharpie, so Bella was born first at 3:15 P.M., and her tail is marked black. They moved around quite a bit in the basket, but I am pretty sure that she's the one on the far left with her face propped up on Bliss. I'm already starting to learn the subtle differences in their little faces. Anyway, Blessing was born second at 4:00 P.M., and she's the puppy in the front on the right hand side. Next, Bliss was born third at 5:20 P.M., and she's the one in the front on the left hand side.  Fourth, little miss Joy was born at 5:50 P.M., and she's in the middle on the back row. Finally, Mr. Bentley was born at 6:45 P.M., and he's on the far right on the back row.
    I will update pictures in a week. I hope that you enjoy this one!!!  I am definitely enjoying them!!!
Please read my "Health Guarantee" page.

     My adoption fee varies "slightly" from litter to litter.  Please contact me for exact pricing.  However, as a rough estimate, my adoption fee ranges from $2000 (pet price) to $2500 (show/breeder price), which is reasonable considering other breeders offer comparable puppies with comparable pedigrees for $2500 to $4500 and sometimes even more.  I also include a lifetime membership to AKC ReUnite which is a lost/stolen pet recovery service, a lifetime membership to AKC GoodDog! which is a puppy/dog obedience training service, and I register your puppy with AKC which entitles your puppy to a 30-day complimentary pet health insurance package.  Basically, these items are a $300 (retail value) gift from me to you and your puppy. Also, I do genetic testing on all of my breeders, and my results are registered online with the OFA.  You can also ask for copies of test results.  In addition, your puppy will come with a one year health guarantee.  You can read about my health guarantee by clicking on the "Health Guarantee" tab at the top of this page.  I simply want to ensure that you and your puppy get off to a great start and that you have a wonderful, long, healthy life together. 
     Please note, all of my puppies come from outstanding Champion bloodlines and much care, attention, planning, and research has gone into each and every one of my breeding decisions.  It is very important to me to raise healthy, happy, well socialized, quality Westies that make wonderful, loving, family companions. 
     Also, please note, my puppies come with limited AKC registration, which is AKC pet registration, because they are strictly intended as pets, not breeders. Full AKC, which includes AKC show and breeding rights, would be considered, at an additional cost, to a very strictly approved home.  I do not sell to brokers, large kennels, or puppymills.  I want my puppies in loving homes.  Thank you.