Health Guarantee

 Hi Everyone,

    I am a little old-fashioned.  I actually believe in doing everything in writing and being upfront and honest.  I know that is odd these days, but that is my policy.  For this reason, I do not accept deposits until my customers have read my health guarantee.  
     Please note that my health guarantee is written to protect both you and me.  Not only are there scammers who are trying to trick you out of your money, but there are also scammers who are trying to trick me out of my puppies.  Unfortunately, our world is no longer plain and simple, and for that reason, I do everything in writing.  It's just safer for everyone.  
     Likewise, I do not allow anyone to place a deposit without first either e-mailing me or visiting with me over the phone.  I want to basically screen you to be sure that you are actually a loving person who is wanting a life long companion--not a puppymill, broker, or scammer.  At the same time, I want to give you the opportunity to screen me and make sure that I am a loving, caring breeder who wants the best possible life for my puppies.
     At this time, if you would, please scroll down to read my health guarantee.  After reading it, please contact me with any questions, problems, or concerns.  No question is a silly question, and I do not mind lots of questions either.  That's what I'm here for.  Also, I am very happy to say that in almost twenty years, only two of my past customers needed to use the health guarantee because my puppies have been free from any serious or life-threatening genetic health defects.  The two defects were congenital birth defects (not genetic), and as a result, they could not have been prevented.  This means that my past puppies have been happy, healthy pets which is my primary goal.  
Thank you,
Tamn Harrington 

TamnHarrington                                       Puppy Health Guarantee  
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Breeder's Responsibility 
Prior to the puppy leaving my possession, I, Tamn Harrington, will have the puppy checked by my veterinarian. He will verify that the puppy is in good health and free from any visible signs of infection, disease, and/or health concerns, and he will sign documentation verifying that the puppy is in good health.  The puppy will also be up-to-date on vaccinations and worming, and I will issue a shot/worming record showing dates shots and worming were done and when they are due again. In addition, the puppy will be microchipped by my vet, and all health records will reflect the microchip number. In addition, all puppies over eight weeks old will have been started on Frontline Plus for tick, flea, and mosquito protection. (Frontline Plus is a monthly tick, flea, and mosquito protection which is safe for all puppies over eight weeks old.) 
Buyer's Responsibility 
The buyer will have one week to have the puppy seen by a licensed vet. In addition, it will be the buyer's responsibility to maintain the puppy's preventative health care such as shots, tick and flea protection, worming, etc.  Also, as the new owner, you agree to never abandon the puppy or turn the puppy over to a rescue or humane society.  (Please note, a puppy is not fully immunized against disease until all rounds of shots have been given.  Maintaining your puppy's shot record is critically important.)
Health Guarantee 
The puppy will be in good health when it leaves my possession, and a veterinarian-signed health certificate will verify the puppy’s good health. In addition to receiving a puppy whose health has been verified by licensed veterinarian, for 1 year from the puppy’s birth, the puppy is guaranteed to be replaced by the breeder, Tamn Harrington, when a like puppy is available if the puppy develops a life-threatening genetic-based health defect or shows signs of a life-threatening health-related birth defect.  The buyer will need to have two written statements from two different veterinarians which state the problem. The written statements must be sent to the breeder for viewing and verification by the breeder's veterinarian. If the defect is indeed valid, the breeder will gladly honor the guarantee. To honor the guarantee, the buyer must return the puppy to the breeder. If there are shipping charges, the buyer will cover these charges, and the breeder will cover the shipping costs on the replacement puppy. The breeder will have the option of giving a refund (of the puppy price only) instead of replacing the puppy. If the breeder chooses to do this, the buyer would not need to return the puppy. (Basically, if you were attached to the puppy and wanted to keep the puppy, I would have the option of refunding the puppy purchase price minus the shipping fee, and you would be able to keep the puppy.  However, if I needed to replace the puppy, you would have to send the original puppy back to me so I could care for it.) 
All veterinarian charges, incurred by the buyer, are the sole responsibility of the buyer. There is no guarantee on temperament since the buyer's environment, training, and discipline will affect temperament. There is no guarantee against negligence. There is no guarantee on this puppy being show quality due to many factors influencing show ability including but not limited to politics, training, finding a good handler, entering the right shows, etc. Also, there is no guarantee on this puppy’s ability to breed. This puppy is intended as a pet puppy and will come with limited AKC registration which means that the puppy is not to be used for breeding purposes.   The puppy should be spayed or neutered between four and six months of age.  (Full AKC rights which include showing and breeding rights require the breeder's pre-approval.)  This guarantee will only apply to the original buyer/s whose signature/s appears below. Finally, minor or cosmetic defects like an overbite, a retained testicle in a pet puppy, etc. will not be covered under this guarantee because such defects do not adversely effect a puppy's health.  However, if such a defect is apparent prior to the puppy joining its new home, the defect will be immediately disclosed, and the buyer will be giving the option to refuse the puppy adoption.   I want everyone happy with his or her puppy, and I always disclose anything which I think might cause a buyer to not be happy.  In such a case, the buyer's deposit could be applied to a different puppy, or I, as the breeder, could choose to refund the deposit.  Also, the buyer could request to continue with the adoption process by acknowledging that the minor or cosmetic defect does not bother them.  In this case, the minor or cosmetic defect would be noted on my vet's signed documentation paperwork.  Thank you. 

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Purchase Price                        
Puppy's AKC Registration Number                                  
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As the buyer of the above puppy, I agree to the above guarantee. 
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As the breeder of the above puppy, I agree to the above guarantee. 
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*****Please note, I have never had anyone need to use my health guarantee.  However, several years ago, I did have a couple contact me concerning my health guarantee.  Basically, a young couple adopted a male puppy as a pet, and they agreed to the above health guarantee.  They told me that they had no intentions on breeding him and that they simply wanted a loving pet.  They also promised to have him neutered between four and six months of age.  
    Over one year later, they contacted me and insisted on a refund because their male dog had a retained testicle, also known as Cryptorchidism.  They sent a typed verification which they had typed up themselves, and they put their vet's name on it.  As a result, I immediately called their vet.  She told me that the dog did indeed have a retained testicle; however, the dog was not in a serious or a life-threatening condition by any means.  She also confirmed my knowledge of Crytorchidism.  It is genetic; however, it is completely harmless for a neutered pet because the retained testicle is removed.  She went on to tell me that the owners had planned to breed the dog when they initially adopted him.  However, they had decided not to raise puppies so they were wanting her to help them get a refund from me.  Their vet was very open in letting me know that the whole situation was a deliberate attempt to cheat me, and she also let me know that she told the couple that she would not type up or sign any written verification of the condition because it was not serious or life-threatening. 
    I called my vet and asked him what I should do.  Both their vet and mine told me that, according to my guarantee, I had no obligation to them.  They also both agreed that it was not a serious condition, but they did tell me that there was a slight chance that later in life the dog could develop cancer or a torsion in the testicle--if he was not neutered.  However, since he was suppose to have been neutered between four and six months of age, it should have never even been an issue at all.  
    After thinking long and hard, I decided to fully pay for the dog to be neutered because that would protect the dog from any future problems, and it would also protect my good reputation from potential slander.  Their vet was so amazed by my response that she asked for my name, address, and phone number so she could give it to anyone who wanted to adopt a Westie in the future.  Needless to say, I kept a very long waiting list after that.  Doing the right thing does pay off in more ways than one:  I felt good about it; the dog was perfectly healthy, and my reputation was even stronger.
    Basically, I shared this story because I, too, have to protect myself.  I sincerely want to do the right thing, but I have to draw a reasonable line somewhere.  Otherwise, I would not be able to stay in business due to people taking advantage of me.  Believe me, this is not the only story that I could tell, but it was one that I could tell without hurting anybody.  I have several more, and they always involved breeders rather than honest, wonder, loving pet homes.  As a result, I know that most of you are honest and wonderful and would make great homes.  However, I hope that you can understand and respect my position.  I have to protect myself, too.  Also, just so you will know, I never mated those two parents with each other again, and I never had another case of Cryptorchidism.  At the time, no one knew for sure if Cryptorchidism was a simple recessive disorder which would result in one in four puppies being infected or a poly-genetic disorder which would result in about one in one million puppies being infected, and they're still debating the issue today.  However, no matter what the risk was--I did not want to take it.  Health is very important to me, and I take it seriously.  It is my reputation, and it is someone else's lifelong companion.  I just can't risk either of those things.