Our Westie Males

     This is Micko (AKA Bogarhazi Image).  Micko is a Champion in Serbia, a Champion in Crotia, and a Junior Champion in Romania.  He also has 82 Champions in his six generation pedigree.  I am so proud of him!!!!  I imported him from Zita Sarnyai-Kotlas of Bogarhazi Kennel in Serbia.  Please excuse his horrible haircut in the picture above.  I am learning to hand strip and show groom, and, well, I made some obvious mistakes.  Below and beside, I placed more pictures of Micko with Zita; she is much, much, much, much better at show grooming.  I'm hoping to show Micko in America starting in December, and this will be my first experience in the show ring.  I'm so excited!!!  I hope to add another country to his list of champions!!!!  Zita, thank you!!!!  You have made me so very happy!!!  I can not tell you how much I appreciate you and how much I love Micko and Stella!!  Thank you so much!!!!
    If you could see Micko in person, your jaw would drop.  He is beautiful!!  He has the perfect coat, great conformation, and his personality is irresistible.  Micko is  sooooo sweet, loving, gentle, and happy, happy, happy.  He is also a calmer Westie.  He absolutely loves to stand on his hind feet and do a little dance where he waves his front paws at me, smiles, and wiggles all over.  He is absolutely ADORABLE!!!!  When I look at him, I cannot help but SMILE, pick him up, and give him kisses!!!  I love him so much!!!  He is sweet, sweet, sweet, loving and gentle.  So many studs can be aggressive, but Micko isn't.  I cannot count the times that he has submissively lain on his back across my lap and fallen asleep there while I watch TV.  He is very trusting and a good-type of submissive, the trainable-type of submissive.  He's wonderful.  I adore him!!!!
Micko Our Champion Stud
Micko and Zita Again
Micko and Zita Again
Micko and Zita
    This is Sammy (AKA Zenith of Rockwell Ready-Steady-Go).  Sammy has 76 Champions in his six generation pedigree, and in his three generation pedigree, there are only two Westies who are not Champions.  He comes from a long lineage of beautiful dogs!!  Below, I will post pictures of his mom and dad, and if you ever want to see more pictures of any of my Westies or their parents, grandparents, great-grand parents--just ask.  (Oh, this picture was taken after Micko's picture, and if you can tell, I am improving!!!  I still have a long way to go, but I am learning which is quite exciting!!! 
    I imported Sammy from Anikó Görbics of Rockwell Westies in Hungary.  Anikó is an excellent show breeder, and she has been very helpful.  Anikó, thank you!!!  I wish you the best in the show ring!!
    As for Sammy, he weighs in at the perfect show weight, has a great coat, and has very good conformation.  However, I know that most of you do not care about those things.  You simply want beautiful, loving, healthy pets.  Fortunately for me and for his future puppies, Sammy is all of those things.  He's very sweet and loving.  He probably likes his kisses more than any of my Westies.  He's a lover--that's for sure!!  He's also probably my smartest Westie.  He amazes me at times.  I only have to show him something one time, and he never forgets it.  More importantly, however, he does not use his intelligence against me.  He actually wants to please me--instead of figure out a way to trick me.  As a result, he's easy to train.  He is more active than Micko.  He isn't hyper, but he's quite playful.  When I have him inside the house, he will sit right beside me on the couch, and if I leave him there and tell him to stay, he will do it which is wonderful!!  However, when he's outside, he runs and runs and plays and plays.  At the same time, however, he frequently comes back to me so he can get some more kisses.  I think that they're his fuel to keep on going.  His two most impressive temperament traits, in my opinion, are his intelligence and his desire to please me.  Those two qualities in the same Westie does wonders for training.  I fully expect his puppies to be very well-behaved as long as their owners are consistent in training them and as long as the puppies get time to run and play and have fun.  No puppy can be good forever--they all must be allowed to play as well. 
  The two pictures above are of Sammy's dad, Zenith of Rockwell Fan Fan.  He was ranked Number 1 in the Worldwide Westie Show News 2012, and he also earned the following titles:  Champion of Hungary, Champion of Serbia, Junior Champion of Hungary,  Junior Champion of Österreichischen, and Clubwinner 2012.  He is a beautiful Westie.  Just look at that face!!!
    The two pictures below are of Sammy's mom, Rockwell Viva La Master.  Some of her honors and titles are International Champion, Champion of Hungary, Champion of Serbia, Champion of Romania, The Best Youth Female WSN 2010-JW'10, Junior Champion of Hungary, Junior Champion of Crotia, Young Clubwinner of Crotia, Derby winner, 2012 Eurodogshow Champion Class exc. 3, and 
2010 Eurodogshow young class exc.3.  Congratulations, Anikó!!!!

Sammy's Dad
Please note, that when looking for a puppy it's extremely important that you see photos of your puppy's parents and that you learn about their temperaments.  All puppies are cute, but they will grow up to look and even act like their parents.
Sammy's Mom
    The picture to the left is of two of Sammy's littermates.  The one on the left is his litter sister, and the one on the right is one of his litter brothers.  They were just puppies here, but aren't they adorable!!!  Beautiful faces and gorgeous coats!!!

Also, please note, that the pedigree information supplied above is correct and accurate based upon the following three verifiable sources: 1) FCI Export Pedigrees, 2) AKC Pedigrees, and 3) online FCI pedigree databases. Countless hours went into researching and preparing each of my online pedigrees; however, please know that there is a tiny possibility that my replication of the source information could contain a human error.  Let's just say that I drank a lot of coffee while I was building my website.  As a result, please feel free to further research my pedigrees. Thank you very much, and I hope that you are impressed.  I have wonderful Westies!!!