Hi there!!

    Thank you for visiting my website.  I hope that you enjoy my website and looking at my dogs and puppies as much as I do.  My name is Tamn Harrington, and I am a small, reputable breeder who has been raising top-quality, Champion-bloodline Westies for about twelve years.  (Also, please note that I do not raise any other breeds.)  My website does contain pictures of some of my past Champion-bloodline Cairn Terrier puppies because, honestly, I cannot part with those pictures.  They bring back so many absolutely wonderful memories, and I simply like to look at them from time to time.  As a result, I left them on my website so I could look at them and remember my wonderful past, especially the memories of my children growing up.  Any mom can understand that, and I hope that you do not mind my sentimental attachment to those pictures.  However, please know that today, my kids are almost grown, and I strictly raise Champion bloodline West Highland White Terriers, AKA Westies.  
    To me, Westies are much more than gorgeous dogs; they are an absolute passion!!! I must admit that I have spent countless hours online drooling over the World's top Westies, and for the last year, I have been slowly learning the skills necessary to train, groom, and handle my own Westies in both the UKC and AKC show rings. I am sincerely obsessed with the breed, and I have been blessed to selectively choose my Westies from some of the top European, English, and American bloodlines.  Thank you--Zita, Dragan, Anikó, and Natalie!!!  I am truly blessed to have wonderful Westies with numerous Crufts Winners as well as International, Foreign, American, and World Champions in their outstanding pedigrees.  Thank you!!  Thank you!!  I am truly grateful to you!!
    As a dedicated Westie breeder, my first and foremost goal is to raise healthy, happy, well-socialized, beautiful puppies that will make excellent pets for their forever families.  Granted, I ultimately want to raise top show Westies, but, realistically, I know that not every puppy will enter the show ring.  However, every puppy will find a loving, forever home.  As a result, my primary focus is raising excellent pets for loving homes.  
    As a pet owner myself, I know that it's easier to love a beautiful, healthy, well-tempered Westie than one who does not possess those qualities.  As a result, my ultimate goal is what I call--puppy perfection!!  I want people to drool over the pictures of my dogs and puppies; however, perfection is MUCH MORE than beauty. Perfection is health, temperament, and beauty working together in unison. A perfect pet and a perfect show dog have all three, and as a dedicated breeder, I strive for perfection in all three areas because I know that owning an unhealthy, ill-tempered, or truly ugly dog is a miserable situation.  You love them, but your heart breaks every time that you look at them. 
    To me, the true mark of a good breeder is possessing a heart which truly wants his or her forever homes to be absolutely thrilled with their puppy.  Granted, I am not perfect, but I sure do try.  Over the years, I have only had three people tell me that they were not completely happy with their puppy, and those words discouraged and hurt me more than years and years and years of happy families sending me their stories and pictures of sheer joy.  As a result, I ask my potential puppy owners a lot of questions, and once they have selected their puppy, I try to disclose anything about that puppy which they might not like.  I do not want them to be surprised by anything.  Also, I have not allowed some homes to adopt a puppy from me because I knew that it would not be a good fit.  A bad fit is not good for the puppy owner or the puppy, and I'm simply not willing to do that to my puppy.  I want my puppies happy, and I sincerely care that each puppy finds the right home.  I also sincerely want to have beautiful, healthy, well-tempered puppies because I know that they make the best pets, and I know that they make their owners proud.  However, all breeders know that no puppy is truly perfect, but each puppy is perfect for someone.  I hope my last statement makes sense to you--because that philosophy is what I keep in the forefront of my mind as I'm talking to my potential puppy homes.  I want each puppy owner to find his or her perfect puppy--whether it's one of my puppies or not.  I hope that makes sense.
    Thank you for letting me share a little bit about myself, my philosophies, and my Westies.  I wish you the best of luck in your puppy search!!!  Please let me know if you think that one of my babies might be the perfect match for you.  I sincerely hope that you enjoy my website.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

*** Please note, I am still raising puppies, but I do all picture and video updates through Facebook. This website shows the history of my breeding program, past puppies, past breeders, details on me as a person, my family, my breeding philosophy, and good information on puppy care.  For recent pictures, videos, and updates, please search for Tamn Harrington on Facebook. Also, you can text or call me at (405) 712-9477.  Thank you, and have a blessed day. 
(Last updated on 02/13/2024)